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Wyoming Targets 58 Park Wolves in 2018

Yellowstone Wolves and Grizzlies need your Help Today Help Us to Establish a “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”







Redding, California: Yellowstone Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies need your help.

Time is of the essence, every day more park Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies are at risk of losing their lives to Greedy Elected Officials, Rancher pressure and Hunters.

Wyoming is proposing the Slaughter of 24 Grizzlies,

  • 12 of which are targeted at Yellowstone Grizzlies on its borders. 
  • There are 6 nonresident Tags proposed, for Six Thousand dollars each,
  • and 18 for Wyoming Hunters, at the cost of Six Hundred dollars each.

Clearly, Wyoming has no business managing Our Public’s Federal Resources that originate from within Our National Parks Boundaries.

  • As of December 31st, a total of 76 wolves,
  • 44 of which were slaughtered in the Trophy Zones bordering Our National Parks,
  • 3 of these Trophy Zones were over Quota,
  • the additional 32 were killed in the general hunt Zone of this Blood Thirsty State! Wyoming has offended Our Sacred Religious beliefs in calling our Sacred Brother Wolves ‘Vermin”

These 76 wolves lost their lives in just 3 months.

protect yellowstone wolves, protect the wolves

These 76 wolves lost their lives in just 3 months.


Yellowstone seeks to reduce the Bison population by six to nine hundred.

  • This Season at posting of this article, it is reported that 234 Bison have already been killed just outside our Parks.
  • To allow any hunting season period when these Bison are pregnant with calves, is beyond inhumane.

Allowing this to take place on our National Parks Boundaries needs to be illegal.
 Montana has the opinion of not allowing bison to move freely upon lands that have belonged to the Indigenous since time immemorial. Montana has to be called out for this practice, and set straight on Federal Resources, which in fact belong to the Public.

By joining us, and becoming part of the vision, you can HELP Us to STOP This needless SLAUGHTER NEAR NATIONAL PARK BOUNDARIES, before it is too late! Our Proposed Sacred Resource Protection Zone, will protect your children’s Resources. your Wolves, Bison, and Grizzlies are depending on us, to bring the War Paint in this Fight.

Make Our Vision Your vision, and Join Us to Establish a “Sacred Resource Protection Zone”.

By Taking Action Today, you can help to insure your children’s children will be able to see all of these magnificent creatures.

Before the actions of Wyoming’s elected Officials, Ranchers Greed and their Political Influence causes their total extinction once again.

Our Proposed “Sacred Resource Protection Zone” is needed quickly to address this issue, and protect your children’s resources.

This Slaughter that takes place at the Parks Boundaries, is not only inhumane, it should be illegal and we intend to fight until it is just that!

At what point do we as Human Beings begin to take the responsibility of Protecting Mother Earth?
No war has ever been won without soldiers, and you are just that.

We have the best Environmental lawyers waiting to put our research to work, and stop the slaughtering of our Children’s Resources near our Parks Boundaries.

All that is needed is the financial support to set our attorneys in motion.

Let’s Show them the power of Advocates.

Are the wolves worth your support?

Every time a wolf , Buffalo, or Grizzly is killed, we are to blame for not doing what is necessary to have prevented it.

Don’t let another wolf, Bison, or Grizzly fall, let’s get these attorneys in motion today!

By joining the howl and participating, This Vision can and will become a reality.
We Can.
We Will.
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