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In 2011, Protect the Wolves® began advocating online as Protect The Wolves®, Many years before that in other Groups and Orgs for the safety of not only wolves, but of all animals! Killing of Wolves needs to be stopped before it is too late! They are an important part of properly maintaining our Ecosystem!

What is the Difference

Between Large Conservation Groups

and Protect The Wolves®

  • Protect The Wolves® is a Native American Religious 501c3

  • Wolves are 1 of Protect The Wolves® “Sacred Species”

  • Large Conservation Groups tell us they do not have an approach to stop the slaughter from above when they speak with us on the phone.

  • Will these Large Conservation Groups step up and help us be the Voice that they already know we can be? Well they haven’t yet…..

  • Protect The Wolves® works very hard to speak for you, keep in mind that there are only 2 people in the main office, and 1 in an Ireland office.

  • Does Protect The Wolves® pay Salaries? No they do not!! DOW pays over 300,000 to Jaime Rappaport Clark President, Shawn Cantrell in 2015 was reported around 150,000. The Salary of 2 officials in 1 large group almost exceed our Fundraiser Target to be able to make a Native difference!

  • Are Large group officials spending their own money? I doubt it… we pay over 400.00 per month for a safe webserver environment, in the last 30 days, we had almost 60,000 hack attempts to disrupt our flow of news and education.

So If you want us to be able to stop this, step in and help us. We dont have people like Leonardo Decaprio throwing 1.4 million Dollars at us, which realistically I do not believe would even cover Defenders of Wildlife’s annual Salaries… what do you think?

The Primary Difference between us and the Large Conservation Groups, is the primary reason we stand alone! All Wildlife are Sacred to Native Americans. All wildlife are necessary to complete a healthy Circle of Life.

In a nutshell, we put all of our money and time into saving Wildlife for everyone’s children. Is that important? Yes, to us as it is to you.

Do we have a magical button to push like these Large groups do when it comes to raising money? I certainly wish we did… I bet just 1 of their emails each week generates thousands of Dollars for them. 

In Summary, We Like you want this Slaughter to stop!!