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Protect The Wolves will be Speaking with State Game Departments, Indian Tribes, Sheep Farmers, Livestock Owners in testing a new method that could help keep Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Cougars etc. from preying on vulnerable farm animals. Using a system called ‘Foxlights,‘ an inexpensive light sensor system that runs on a six volt battery, livestock producers hope to deter Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Cougars etc. from getting too close to their properties.

A Native American Religious Nonprofit called the Protect The Wolves® will be offering these light systems throughout the USA. Protect The Wolves® oppose any type of Trophy hunting if it is not related to subsistence, Wolves Like Grizzlies are Sacred to Us and say that the Foxlights concept, should be a mandated solution to Livestock Producers before approving a request that the wolves pay with their Lives for the unnatural presentation of a new food source.

Foxlights was invented by an Australian farmer who had problems protecting his own sheep, who says his bottom Line has increased 130% which translates to single lamb litters magically turn into a twin Litter. The Mother can’t defend the firstborn, when she is delivering her second lamb. Foxlights do the Job of Deterring the Predator, so she can do her Job of Giving Birth!