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Protect The Wolves™ Would like to thank Dean Ron Mittelhammer/ WSU

Protect The Wolves™ Would like to thank Dean Ron Mittelhammer for making wdfw's wolf update email list Public ;) Even though hes shown himself to smooze WAG members at the WAG meetings, He has made this email list out Public ;) Downloadable PDF on our Website.   [gview file=""]  

Ranchers and residents Spread false stories it seems

It seems that these folks are spreading nothing more than stories in this article. They make claims of taking pictures, but sadly didnt provide the reporter with any? Come on People, how stupid do you think the american Public are? It is Ranchers like these that give the rest that try to coexist a bad name. Whats strange is I spent 6 months in the woods all day long every single day not far from there, and damn.... didnt get 1 picture, and they certainly didnt try to eat me like this article would lead you to believe. If you [...]

Erik Molvar: Chronic Wasting Disease highlights underlying dysfunction in wildlife policy 

How is it that Fish and Game Agencies as well as Biologists do not recognize what is actually causing these problems? They blame feeding stations... seems that takes the easy way out to us. The problem lies within grazing allotments being over grazed, which leaves the Publics resources with no food left in traditional locations to carry them through the winter. They do not have corridors that allow them safe passage from summer to winter grounds.... Then the Ranchers and Farmers complain they eat their crops or hay.... The government steps in, feeds the ungulates that then spread a disease [...]

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OSU KBREC To Host Wolf and Livestock Interaction Seminar May 2 

We find it a bit Strange that they did not contact Carter Niemeyer, or Mark Coats with Rancher Predator Awareness to speak. We hear from some it is a bad boy club... time will tell... We know that Rancher Predator Awareness will in fact be there, because We contacted him ;) Protect The Wolves™ will join them if time and funding permits. It is a Long Drive, but needs to be seen by the public as to what is happening in Oregon. Protect The Wolves™ has contacted ODFW on Numerous occasions to offer seminars involving manufacturers, yet they have yet [...]

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