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When farmers don’t bury dead cows, it affects where and what wolves eat | Michigan Radio

  When farmers don’t bury dead cows It seems to affect where and what wolves eat!   Michigan has held one wolf hunt. That was in 2013, when 22 wolves were killed in the Upper Peninsula. The next year, a federal judge put wolves back on the endangered species list. Since then, lawmakers from Michigan, as well as Minnesota and Wisconsin, have tried to tack on riders to various bills in Congress that would "de-list" the wolves. These moves are backed by farmers who say wolves are preying on their livestock. But now, a new study indicates those farmers may be contributing [...]

Wyoming Hunters have Slaughtered 44 possible Park Wolves 76 altogether to Date

  POSSIBLE YELLOWSTONE WOLVES ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED!!! AS OF 12/30/2017 at 3pm Please Consider Joining Our Voice to establish a "Sacred Resource Protection Zone" Surrounding National Parks in the Blood thirsty state of Wyoming a total of it appears 76 wolves altogether 44 from the Trophy Zones, 32 from the general Slaughter Zone in this Bloodthirsty State! Wyoming is over Quota in 3 Zones surrounding Yellowstone National Park already, and has proven once again that they are incapable of managing the Publics Federal Resources as well as our Sacred Species properly. They chose to ignore the public comment regarding Regulation Changes and establishing our Sacred [...]

Banff wolves may soon have meal they haven’t tasted in 140 years: wild bison 

    Yellowstone Officials: Protect The Wolves™ says Send them the Bison you claim you need to Slaughter!" It's a potential meal that wolves in Banff National Park haven't tasted in more than 140 years: wild bison. Banff's reintroduced bison herd is getting ready to go it alone next summer as their paddock fences come down, and that means facing predators that have been watching the new arrivals closely. Ten new bison calves were born earlier this year in the Panther Valley, on the east side of Banff National Park, where 16 animals were relocated in April as part of a conservation [...]

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WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   WSU blows off Promised Settlement Date with Dr. Robert Wielgus   For Immediate Release: December 28, 2017 Questions can be directed to: Dr. Robert Wielgus:  Contact Info can be obtained from Protect The Wolves™ Protect The Wolves™ (530) 377-3031 Patricia Herman President Protect The Wolves™ Roger Dobson Director Protect The Wolves™ To Begin with WSU 's Dean of Agriculture, Ron Mittelhamer conspired and colluded with wdfw's wolf policy lead Donny Marorello and Republican Representative Joel Kretz to mislead and lie to the public , the WAG, and the Washington legislature by defaming and discrediting internationally [...]