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Donny Martorellos Weak attempt for an IWC meeting

Donny Martorellos weak attempt at an IWC Meeting! Martortello has refused to hold any since 2015. The BIA is not happy with his refusal to communicate! He has only recently contacted them due to constant pointing out his blatant NEGLIGENCE! This will not get him off the HOOK!! They have also not had the agreed upon number of public Meetings this year as well. Martorello is failing miserably and needs to be replaced! This Agenda is a very weak one to say the least! These Items should have been done YEARS Ago! AGENDA WHAT: Interagency Wolf Committee DATE: November 1, [...]

33 Possible Park Wolves Slaughtered in Wyoming already

Take Back the Power that You as the public hold! Wyoming Over WOLF SLAUGHTER Quota in 3 Zones ! What will it take for the Government to Realize that Wyoming has once again proven they are incapable of managing The Public's Federal Resources? YELLOWSTONE WOLVES ARE DYING At an Alarming Rate!!!! AS OF 10/30/2017 Will Wolves still be available for your Grandchildren to view in Yellowstone? What will you be able to Tell Your Children's Children? Did you Join The Movement Yet?  We asked for your support back in May to Help Yellowstone Wolves with our Sacred Resource Protection Zone…  Wolves [...]

Grizzly bear sow was killed illegally by WGFD ! Wyoming again proves they can not manage their wildlife!

Female Grizzly Eating Grass Grizzly bear sow was killed illegally by WGFD The contacts for concerned citizens. Of course citizens of Park County have the most weight, but these guys are all public servants. There is a link on the DCI website Steve “Woody” Woodson, Director to report concern about criminal activity.   I do not find an email address today. In putting the pressure on concerned citizens can click that link and report concern that a grizzly bear sow was killed illegally by WGFD because she was shot in alleged self-defense without first deploying or using bear spray.   This is [...]

Why wolves are better team players than dogs. Advocates should take Lessons !

Advocates should take Lessons from Wolves! Do They? No.. they continue to remain focused upon their own motivations rather than supporting groups that have certain types of rights that they can not nor will ever have. This should show a prudent Individual that they care about the wrong thing. It takes their focus away from the ULTIMATE end result which is protecting your wildlife by using every tool available.  Of course I would imagine that it comes from paying their directors exorbitant salaries, some of which are near $500,000 per year. Then there are those that somehow seem to think that [...]