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PLEASE COMMENT ON THE MEXICAN GRAY WOLF DRAFT RECOVERY PLAN TODAY COMMENT DUE BY MON. 8-29th at 11:59 pm EST There are only about 110 left in the wild!!! They are critically endangered. Still threatened by both illegal and legal killings. Their numbers have grown slowly, and they remain the most endangered subspecies of wolf in the world! The population’s poor genetic diversity may be the biggest threat facing the wolves. To remedy this, the service must release more wolves into the wild. However, the most recent Draft Recovery Plan issued on June 29, 2017, would release too few wolves and fails to account [...]

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Hunters and severe winters – not wolves – key to Wisconsin’s deer numbers

When it comes to gray wolves and white-tailed deer, there are enough deep-seated beliefs to fill the Dells of the Wisconsin River. Some of them, like many of the acts in the nearby town, are based more on fiction than fact.— Here's one: The wolves are killing all the deer in northern Wisconsin. It's not a new refrain, but it's one I continue to hear from some of my hunting colleagues each year. Now in late summer 2017, as bucks begin to lose their velvet and wolf pups start to venture out more with adults, conditions are ripe to discuss trends in both species. In a [...]


WDFW has put in their new lethal protocol without Input from Tribal Groups like we are!! They are blaming the wolves for a ranchers inability to take care of his cattle and keep them safe... Wolves did not break those bones... those bones were the reason these calves were targeted! Martorello  refuses to acknowledge that killing wolves leads only to more depredations.... how long will it take him to realize the error of his ways by refusing to acknowledge science? August 25, 201 Contact: Donny Martorello, (360) 902-2521 Let him know your not happy!!! WDFW plans lethal action to address predation by wolf pack [...]

NRA described Ryan Zinke’s appointment to the agency as “the end of a hostile era towards hunters and sportsmen.”

Leaked Parks Department Memo Raises Questions about the NRA’s Relationship With the Interior Department The gun group's top lobbyist described Ryan Zinke’s appointment to the agency as “the end of a hostile era towards hunters and sportsmen.” The National Park Service raised serious concerns in late June over a bill backed by the National Rifle Association, but they were disregarded entirely by the agency’s overseer, the Department of the Interior. According to a memo obtained by McClatchy, the NPS’s acting director, Michael Reynolds, pushed back against provisions that would prohibit his agency from managing commercial and recreational fishing within park parameters. [...]