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Formal ATV Donation Request to WDFW

  Protect The Wolves 9:13 PM (0 minutes ago) 7/31/2017 to Wildthing, Donny, Sharra, Scott, John, Kevin, Kirk, Stephanie, Hank, Anna, Adam, Erik, Tim, William, Nick, John, To Whom it May Concern,  On Behalf of Protect The Wolves™   Please consider this a Formal Request to Donate  ATVs for the Range Rider Program. Title can be signed over to WDFW for Legal Purposes.   Our Sacred Resources need more protection than obviously is being provided. We feel that this is a solution to get them the needed Human Presence in order to provide a safer Environment for All Sacred Species present on the Colville Grazing Allotments.  Director Unsworth has already had a voice mail left to [...]

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The Governors phone needs thousands of calls tomorrow.... Update on Washington wolves Latest reports on key wolf activities, conservation efforts, and management actions. July 31, 2017 Second wolf removed in Smackout pack; WDFW evaluating impact on pack’s behavior Background WDFW’s 2017 Wolf-Livestock Interaction Protocol describes tools and approaches designed to influence pack behavior with the goal of reducing the potential for recurrent livestock depredation while continuing to promote wolf recovery. On July 20, WDFW notified the public that non-lethal deterrence measures were not achieving that goal in the Smackout pack territory, and that the director had authorized incremental lethal removal [...]

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Collaboration in Washington State leads to dead wolves/ need to stop Rolling Over!! 

Thank you George for the EXCELLENT ARTICLE!! No Worries here.... We not only stand our Ground, we are acquiring new ground daily!!   I am reminded of David Brower’s admonishment “Polite conservationists leave no mark save the scars upon the Earth that could have been prevented had they stood their ground.”   by GEORGE WUERTHNER on JULY 31, 2017 The shooting of the Profanity Pack last year and now a kill order for the Smackout Pack in Northeast Washington clearly demonstrated the failure of the current strategy of many conservation groups who are involved in wolf recovery efforts. In this case, a number of organizations, [...]

WDFW hasnt met with Interagency Wolf Committee since 2015 

Donny Martorello and WDFW have been blatantly disregarding IWC and the BIA for 2 years it appears.... Martorello Told us Stories evidently at the September Meeting.... Because he hasnt been meeting with them period!!  This is a Direct Violation of "NEW" Policy in 2016. Advisory Groups and Management Boards Guidelines WDFW Advisory Group Handbook Contact Interagency Wolf Committee Donny Martorello Wolf Policy Lead Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 360-902-2515 Interagency Wolf Committee Wolves present some of the most challenging management issues for several state agencies and Washington tribes. With the wolf population in the state continuing to grow, the [...]