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The Grand Teacher or The Big Bad Wolf – Protect The Wolves

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Last summer Roger Dobson, and Patricia Herman, a tribal spokesman for advocacy group Protect the Wolves, spent two months in Yellowstone observing and videotaping 911M, an old pepper-gray wolf with sparkling eyes. He watched the blacktail alpha male of the Junction Butte pack uncharacteristically introduce another male into his pack to breed with the females. Dobson/ Herman observed him watch his pack with the wisdom of an old sage. Later that year, after a valiant fight and several injuries, Prospect Peak wolves killed 911M. After three wolves from the pack were harvested in late 2016, and [...]

Surrounded: Bears hemmed in by cows on public land 

  Welfare Ranchers affect Grizzly bears just like wolves. Grazing allotments need to be banned period! Taxpayers end up footing the bill for these individuals... to the tune of Millions each year!! Much has been said lately about the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's rush to remove Endangered Species Act protections from grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Articles and letters have discussed the significant numbers of bears that have been killed due to “conflicts.” These bears are often labeled as “problem bears.” Grizzly bear detractors talk about bears getting into “trouble” and “showing up where they are [...]

Canyons Law Needs Your Help not for Wildlife Alone but Your Kids and Pets and Rescuers

A Pocatello family is back after their legislative trip to Washington D.C. The family’s dog died after exposure to a cyanide bomb just 300 yards behind their house. It’s been four months since the Mansfield family lost their dog Kasey, and could have lost their son Canyon as well. A usual hike up the mountain turned deadly when the 14-year-old boy triggered an M-44 “Cyanide Bomb” behind their house placed there by the USDA. A week ago the family took a trip to D.C. to get lawmakers to join them in banning compound 1080 and chemicals used in M-44’s also [...]

Confirmed wolf depredation by Sherman Wolf Pack

The Stories that Donny Martorello and Joel Kretz would have you believe are they dont turn out until June... and 5 Range Riders.... wow... Funny Arron Scotten never mentioned 5... also Joel Kretz claimed originally it was on Private Land.... So to a prudent individual would appear Joel Kretz Blatantly lied to stir the Pot.... He needs to be removes from Office!! Turns out wasn't Private ground after all huh Joel.... Get your story straight... oh wait you could have simply told the Truth Joel Kretz! WDFW officials have confirmed that one or more wolves were responsible for the death of [...]