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Tribal Group Petitions For Wolf Protection Zone | Wyoming Public Media

A national tribal conservation group is proposing that Wyoming create a 31-mile “sacred resources protection zone” around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks where wolves can’t be hunted. The group, Protect the Wolves, has reached out to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho in Wyoming for support. Both tribes told Wyoming Public Radio that they are still evaluating the proposal. Northern Arapaho member Sergio Maldonado is facilitating the discussion. He said the wolf is an important species to his tribe and that the federal government is mandated to consult tribes about such species. “I’m hopeful that the Game and Fish [...]

These false estimates “have obscured the magnitude of poaching as the major threat to endangered wolf populations.

Wolf Poaching is not something happening only in distant regions   Three sentence summary: Poaching is not something happening only in distant regions, it is the most common cause of wolf mortality in every population where it has been measured accurately. During the period U.S. wolves were listed under the ESA, the relative importance of poaching was systematically and substantially under-estimated while the relative importance of legal causes of mortality was systematically over-estimated. We correct the algebraic errors and errors of inference that led to these biased estimates. Last year, Treves and others notified experts on Northern Rocky Mountain wolves that [...]

Study suggests officials underestimate wolf poaching

By Rebecca Moss The New Mexican In February, an adult male from the Dark Canyon Pack, a Mexican gray wolf troop that roams through the west-central countryside of the Gila National Forest, was found dead. It had stalked an expanse of federal land that borders Catron County, where livestock frequently become prey, with roughly three cows killed each month and regular reports of wolves lurking near chicken coops or alpaca herds. Some residents there condemn the wolves as destructive, expensive and dangerous beasts. And they have a right to shoot one if the animal is directly threatening their property or [...]

Petition asking for YNP wolf hunting buffer | Local News |

Referring to wolves as “a sacred resource,” a Native American lobbying group last Wednesday delivered a petition to Game and Fish at a public informational session in Laramie. The Protect the Wolves Pack is asking the department and the Game and Fish Commission to draw a 31-mile no-hunting buffer zone around Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks when it arranges for hunting seasons this fall. Speaking for the group, Roger Dobson said killing wolves is an affront to Native-American religion. “We don’t disrespect the white maan’s Bible,” Dobson said. “They should not disrespect our wildlife. It’s got to stop.” Management [...]