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Kretz receives lifetime award from state’s premier hunting heritage organization – Joel Kretz

Joel Kretz.... the Elected Official that openly brags he has 45 minutes left to kill something .... these people have some warped idea of what Conservation is! They certainly do not know how to manage the publics resources for the benefit of the Public... Kretz is Violating the trusts in only promoting Special Interest Rancher Concerns like McIrvrin. The Mentality exhibited is deplorable from an elected official that only works for special interests. ‘There was a time for much of my childhood where being indoors meant you were either sleeping or in trouble, and I didn’t care for neither,’ says Kretz [...]

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Dr Robert Wielgus Says WSU Violated His Academic Freedom Over Wolf Comments

Protect The Wolves™ has supported Dr Robert Wielgus from Day 1 and his invitation to Join our Board of Directors still stands! Wolf researcher says university forbade him from speaking to press, cut his research funding and attempted to discredit his work. A Washington State University professor says the university violated his academic freedom after he spoke out about the killing of the Profanity Peak wolf pack last year. An official complaint filed Thursday with WSU alleges administrators were politically motivated to discredit him. Professor Rob Wielgus, director of the WSU Large Carnivore Conservation Lab, has been researching wolf-livestock interactions [...]

Oppose Armed Drones to Kill Wildlife

Camera Control Drone Sky Remote Aircraft Robot   Please Help Oregon Wild and sign this petition Quickly! They support what we are doing, please sign their petition. Take action to help us protect and restore Oregon's wilderness, wildlife, and waters of Oregon. Oregon’s wildlife need your help!  Senate leaders are considering whether to include funding for “Wildlife Services”, the controversial agency that poisons, traps, and kills wolves and other wildlife, in our next state budget.  Senators will also soon vote on HB 3047, a terrible piece of legislation that would legalize the use of armed drones in [...]

Wyoming Takes Over Wolf Management

It is a pretty bad day when these one-sided legislators are allowed to pass special Interest legislation. We have shown you our research that leads to the path of Success against this. How Long will it take for folks to realize that our research can help our Wildlife in total, not just Wolves alone. Wyoming has no business managing their wolves for any reason after getting busted for selling banned poisons..... Governor Matt Mead announced a Federal Appeals Court entered its final order, upholding Wyoming’s Wolf Management Plan. Penny Preston reports the US Fish and Wildlife Service will make it [...]

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