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Donny Martorello wants to kill Wolves faster at the demands of Ranchers like Don Dashiell

This appears to be an accurate statement made by The Seattle Times... The Faster you help us Grow, the faster we will be successful in stopping them before more Wolves Get Slaughtered. Protect The Wolves® Still Contends that Martorello is in direct Violation of the Indian Trust, as well as The Public Trust. WDFW appears to be caving to Rancher Special Interests which is not managing the Trust resources as the Trustees have been mandated to do so.. This management Protocol is in Direct Conflict with both the Indian Trust as well as The Public Trust. Martorello is  choosing [...]

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WSU Security Camera Footage Of Grizzly Bear Mauling 

This Video is Very Graphic. Do not hit play expecting a rosey picture It would appear with digging deeper into WSUs History, they they run their programs very poorly. Not only did they attempt to hide data in August of 2016 from a Large Carnivore research study funded by tax dollars. But they also do not take very good care of the animals in their care. WSU truly needs to be exposed for who and what they are and have allowed to continue to happen.

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WSU makes apparently meaningless show of response to complaints

WSU makes apparently meaningless show of response to complaints. PULLMAN,  Washington––Washington State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee chief Phyllis Erdman on July 22,  2016 made a show of responding promptly to alleged federal Animal Welfare Act violations resulting in the accidental deaths of grizzly bears,  bighorn sheep,  calves and rabbits in university laboratories. A closer look at what really happened,  though,  suggests that nothing much has changed at WSU,  and nothing much will unless someone,  somehow,  brings more pressure to bear on WSU to be responsive,  accountable,  and above all else,  more careful in how animals are used [...]

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 WSU research center  euthanized 5 Grizzlies for experiments that required body-tissue sample

With hearing that 2 of WSUs officials turned up at the March WAG Meeting, to somehow make a claim that Wielgus is Lobbying when in fact it sounds more like WSUs Ron Mittlehammer appears to be the one thats lobbying Rancher support.... We find it disturbing that WSU has not had charges brought against them yet for killing Grizzlies for 1 thing, and then for clearly lobbying rancher support at the WAG. They clearly seem to want to cover up data from the study that public tax dollars have paid for with regards to wolves.. At least 15 grizzly bears [...]

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