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Idaho’s wolf population has been on a steady decline since the state began allowing hunters to kill the animals.

Its pretty sad when they do a poll... they think its ok to kill wolves, and remove millions from their state budget that could have gone towards education. Especially when Idaho has done such blatantly illegal things like collaring wolves when they were supposed to be collaring Elk. BOISE — As hunting is resulting in a slow but steady decline of Idaho’s wolf population, a Boise State University poll taken earlier this year showed strong statewide support for the hunting of wolves. Idaho’s minimum, documented wolf population has been on a steady decline since the state began allowing hunters to [...]

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Controversial Alberta wolf cull continues on to try to save endangered caribou 

Despite ongoing criticism, the Alberta government is continuing with its wolf cull for another three years in an ongoing effort to save endangered caribou. The province has just closed a request for proposal for a helicopter to continue a program to track, capture and fit caribou and wolves with radio collars through the use of net-gunning between October and March each year. It also includes shooting wolves from the helicopter. "In the absence of effective measures to reduce the mortality and eliminate the negative population spiral, there’s not going to be any caribou left," said Dave Hervieux, caribou specialist with [...]

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Madrid to double farmers’ compensation fund for wolf attacks

Madrid’s regional government is to double its compensation fund for farmers who lose animals to wolves after a steep increase in fatal attacks in the last year. Wolves, hunted to the brink of extinction over the past seven decades, have begun to reappear in the region in recent years. Their return has been most keenly noticed by farmers, whose sheep, goats, cows and horses are increasingly falling prey to the 20 or so wolves thought to roam the autonomous community of Madrid. The region covers 3,000 sq miles at the centre of Spain, contains mountains, valleys, hills, forests, pastures and [...]

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Michigan wolves stay protected 

Michigan’s wolf hunting law was ruled unconstitutional by the Michigan Court of Appeals last week. This ruling means that the 2014 law that previously permitted wolf hunting within the state (should the animals ever be officially delisted from Michigan’s Endangered Species List) is no longer valid. Gray wolves have managed to maintain a sustainable number within the state despite the first and only wolf hunt held in late 2013 where 23 wolves were killed; there are approximately 3,700 wolves in the Western Great Lakes population and 630 of them reside in Michigan, according to Last week’s decision was met [...]

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