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WDFW spends $119,577.92 in total expenditures its going to grow in total

WDFW says that this figure did not include any expenditure that had not been processed as of that date. Its going to get bigger....  This is an extremely high amount!! and its growing yet..... Oh, and they felt it important to warn people because we have already posted their PDR Hello Wolf Advisory Group members and Interested Parties, I am writing to provide you with an update on our progress in developing a final report on our management actions – concluded Oct. 19 – to stop depredations on cattle in Ferry County by the Profanity Peak wolf pack. WDFW has [...]

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A Southeast Alaska teen arrived home with a dead wolf. His father called troopers. 

Teen Charged in Wolfs Death! The 17-year-old, unnamed in a dispatch because he is a juvenile, was driving near the town when he encountered a pack of wolves on the dirt road, according to Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters. "The teen hit two," Peters wrote. "One was dead and the teen brought it home. The other reportedly ran off with the pack." [Feds reject endangered listing for Prince of Wales Island wolves] When the teenager brought home the dead wolf, his father called troopers. Troopers investigated the scene and interviewed a passenger in the vehicle, concluding that the teen had intentionally rammed [...]

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The removal of wolves, an apex predator, allowed the deer population to explode

ALGONQUIN PROVINCIAL PARK, ONTARIO -- Our environment is fluid, changes within the ecology happen frequently. But just because it's Nature doesn't mean that all change is natural. Far too often the catalyst for change is man. Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park has seen some interesting and dramatic changes in it's predator-prey dynamic over the last century, caused by the hand of man. Logging began the transformation. David Legros is the park's Natural Heritage Education Specialist. "There was rather extensive logging, and subsequently a lot of forest fires resulting from the slash piles and careless fires and things like that," he said. [...]

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Are Dogs Really 99.9% Wolf?

Domestic dogs split from their wild counterpart, the grey wolf, quite recently by evolutionary timescales and are remarkably similar from a genetic standpoint. In general, the domestic dog is an extremely close relative of the grey wolf, from which it differs by only ~0.04% in nuclear coding-DNA sequence, and no dog [mitochondrial DNA] sequences have been found that show closer kinship to other canid species. Mitochondrial DNA is passed down by the mother (without any genetic contribution from the father) and changes only through random mutations that occur from generation to generation. Scientists use this much smaller and separate DNA [...]