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Agricultural Leases Can be Canceled – National Agricultural Law Center

Protect The Wolves® Found this interesting tidbit ;) Grazing Permit A grazing permit is similar to a crop lease but is different in some aspects.  Where a lease creates an interest in land, called a leasehold, a grazing permit by statute does not create a right, title, interest, or estate in the public lands and is only a license to use the public lands.  The government may withdraw this license at any time without compensation, except in limited situations where compensation may be required.  A grazing permit holder may have a right to compensation when the permit is fully or [...]

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Washington Wolf Packs: Profanity Peak | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Protect The Wolves® has some concerns why Donny Martorello had this Chronology Report Cleaned up too remove their claimed "Humane KILL" from above? What is your Opinion of this recent discrepancy ?? WDFW clearly has brought Idaho kill all Mentality to Washington State. Donny Writes: I am writing to update you on recent wolf activities in two packs.   Profanity Peak pack   Yesterday (September 29), WDFW staff, using a helicopter, lethally removed one adult male from the pack. This brings to seven the number of wolves lethally removed in response to the pack’s repeated depredations on livestock.   Since [...]

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Forest Service warns public of injured bear By ARCHERY HUNTER near West Yellowstone 

  The U.S. Forest Service is warning visitors of an injured bear near the Johnson Lake trailhead and is urging people heading to the area to take precautions.  A Forest Service news release said the bear was injured in an encounter with an archery hunter on Tuesday. The agency is unsure whether it is a grizzly or a black bear. Officials have posted warning signs at several sites in the area. No trails or areas have been closed. Visitors are being asked to avoid hiking or hunting alone, to make noise, be aware of their surroundings and carry bear spray. Source: [...]

Wolves attack two more calves in N.E. Washington 

Please Help us to Help the Sacred Wolf Protect The Wolves® calls BS on WDFW, WDFW claimed that the Profanity Peak killed another calf? How is that possible when they moved into higher ground, WDFW already Reported they left the area?? What do you think? Two more calves have been attacked in northeastern Washington, including one by the wolfpack targeted for elimination by wildlife managers, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife said Wednesday. WDFW investigators confirmed Tuesday that a calf had been injured by the Profanity Peak pack in Ferry County. Wildlife managers killed five adults and one pup in [...]