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Dr. Robert Wielgus Man of Integrity Published on: Aug 31, 2016 Published on: Aug 31, 2016 After Listening to Dr. Rob Wielgus WSU Associate Professors videos, it is in fact our belief that he is a Man of Great Integrity. Please watch this video to completion and we will leave you to your own conclusions based on facts before us. Protect The Wolves® in their phone conversation with Dr. Rob Wielgus, invited him to sit on our Board of Directors. Dr. Rob Wielgus that invitation still stands!! Dr. Wielgus is an associate professor and director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Washington State University in Pullman. [...]

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Livestock Grazing Impacts from Grazing on Hunting

Proof that Cattle affect Ungulates food supply... If hunters are going to complain about Cattle... based on SCientific Paper that Works for me ;) Livestock Grazing Impacts on Hunting Domestic livestock grazing reduces wildlife populations by competing for food, water, and space, and degrading habitat. Habitat degradation caused by grazing also exposes prey species to increased predation (due to lost vegetative cover for concealment and escape), resulting in further declines in those populations. The vast majority of forage and water resources in the West are devoted to domestic livestock grazing, depriving hunters and fishers of what could be incredible sporting [...]

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Krem 2 reaches out to Protect The Wolves®

We need to Capitalize on targeting news to get more exposure FERRY COUNTY, Wash. – State wildlife officials said Tuesday they are getting death threats after announcing plans to kill an entire wolf pack in Ferry County. Officials with the local office of the Department of Fish and Wildlife said the threats have come through social media and their Team Spokane email. While they did not disclose what the threats said, they said they are serious enough to involve the authorities. Roger Dobson from the Protect The Wolves Sanctuary said there is a better way to get wildlife officials to [...]

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WDFW Uses Collars to SLAUGHTER wolves from the Sky

In Our Phone Conversation with The Colville Tribe Friday the 27th They confirmed with us they disapproved with the entire Lethal Action against the Profanity Peak Pack.  We feel our Communication has been great with the Colville tribe. Cody said Issues are bound to arise when wolves go off or back on Tribal land,  the Colville tribe told us theyve always been open to sharing data, regardless of whether the wolf is on or off reservation land. The Tribes concern arises if that collar data is used for wolf removal as a result of a depredation. The Colville Tribe does not, at this time, support [...]

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