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Justice for Harambe? By prosecuting the Parents???? WRONG!!!! Prosecute the ZOO!!!

 IT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITH AN APPROPRIATELY DESIGNED CAGE To keep the Real animals out of our wildlifes cages!! People need to wake the hell up and realize its not all of the Parents fault!!!!!!!!! ITS the ZOOS Fault for building such a poorly designed Structure or Whatever company designed his cage!!! If you want to go after someone, at least go after the appropriate Source!  

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Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack

A little more Information for those who are curious about the "Druid" pack. It is good to hear that 778M is still alive and roaming!! During November 2008, 6 males from the former Druid Peak pack and 4 females from the former Agate Creek pack joined to form the Blacktail Deer Plateau Pack. Wolves 693F and 302M were the original alpha pair until 302M was killed by other wolves (likely the Quadrant Mountain pack) in October 2009. Wolf 778M (collared in January 2011 and previously referred to as “Big Brown”) replaced 302M as the alpha male and maintained his alpha-pair [...]

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Speaking about Wolves and Grizzlies

To all of our Followers, We will be in Yellowstone again on June 26th or 27th thru July 4th perhaps as late as the 7th Speaking for The Wolves and Grizzlies to the Public as well as touching on the Importance of National Park Buffer Zones. We hope that some of you might have an interest that may allow you to show up. We will be in Between Tower Falls and Slough Creek Campgrounds. It is of paramount Importance that we show as many people as Wolfly possible how Important the Buffer Zone will be. We hope you can Join [...]

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Accidentally slain wolf on display at government center 

Here is another example of why we need to stop collaring wolves!!! The shooter has no way to determine if the Dart will hit an artery!! Are endangered Wolves lives worth a chance? We would compare that question to are your Childrens lives worth a chance!! NESPELEM—Perhaps the most valuable gray wolf to set foot on the Colville Reservation since the species' reintroduction back in 2012 is on display here at the Colville Tribal Government Center, 21 Colville St. "Our wolf display has arrived and is down in our area," Colville Tribal Fish & Wildlife director Randall Friedlander told the [...]

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