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A Eulogy for OR-4 

Thank you Rob Klavins! We met three times, but I imagine that I barely registered in his life.To him I was no more than an occasional scent on his trail or the source of a tortured imitation of a howl. But to me, no nonhuman animal ever has been or likely ever will be as important or consequential in my life as OR4.He escaped kill orders and poachers. He endured at least 4 collarings and he beat the odds. There aren’t many ten year old wolves out there. Today there is one less. OR4 was shot and killed today. And it hurts. [...]

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Lamars on Thursday

Off I went to the Lamar this morning, hoping to see Mottled but that was not to be. The 4 Lamars seem to have a kill down and behind a hill and I spent a good portion of the day watching them come and go. Yes, there was snow off and on today. Dark Black/993 spent the day hiding in the distance.   Little T 926F Twin   Josh Able Bobs Creek Photos

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