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Hunter shoots possible wolf in Howard County, MO – in 2012 Never Prosecuted

Looking at his face.... this hunter knows its not a coyote!!   I still have a hard time figuring out How Hunters are able to get away with saying it was a coyote???? They Damn well knew it wasnt! This Asshat, shot an Endangered Species! why didnt they prosecute him??? HOWARD COUNTY, MO (KCTV) - It's a rare sight in Missouri - a hunter shot what he thought was a coyote and it turns out it may be a timber wolf. The animal was found in Howard County. A warning to viewers: some may find the images graphic [...]

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2015 Deer and Elk Outlook According to Idaho Fish and Game…. Sad They cry wolf!!

  This was Idaho and their forecast for the 2015 hunting season! Those idiots must really take us for stupid! They constantly prove every year that Hunters kill more animals.... Then Cry Wolf.. Im sad to say Ive lived there for 22 years!! Idaho big game hunters could have a hunting season to brag about this fall, and deer hunters could see the best hunting in more than 20 years and potentially a record harvest for white-tailed deer. “Things are going really well in a lot of the state right now,” Fish and Game’s state game manager Jon Rachael said. [...]

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2014 Elk Harvest Data – 7 Western States with OTC Tags only

Hunters would snivel wolves kill too many!! Elk killed by hunters has increased every year since 2010 according to statistics!! Their claims of the wolf decimating elk herds looks incredibly Stupid Now...... doesnt it? People, the numbers POACHED are not even counted! Hunters claims look as ridiculous as Ranchers claims do!! Hunting needs to be banned for a minimum of 5 years before its too late! Start Managing Wildlife for your children Government Officials! Not Money! Source: 2014 Elk Harvest Data - 7 Western States with OTC Tags

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Yellowstone Park Services Sentence Iconic Bison to Death – Ranchers Stop blaming…

    Ranchers need to stop crying Buffalo and Wolf, They really need to stop blaming everything but themselves... All of their claims have been proven false!! It seems the bison are being killed for no apparent reason. As the disease is most likely to be passed from one species to another by the ingestion of aborted fetal material, Which means... Buffalo are smarter than both Ranchers and their cattle! Apparently Ranchers are causing the problem with feedlot style feeding it appears... We've seen it before with the wild mustang horse roundups, the hunting of wolves, coyotes and other predators, black [...]

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