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The red wolf might be near extinction, but the nickname is strong at Arkansas State

The red wolf might be near extinction, but the nickname is strong at Arkansas State EUREKA, Missouri — J.D. McKissic is a Red Wolf for life, the senior wide receiver says, even if that species of canid may be dying out. The red wolf — the beloved mascot of Missouri football's next opponent, Arkansas State University — is critically endangered. There are 50 left in the wild and another 250 or so living in captivity in zoos around the country, meaning there are more student athletes who call themselves “red wolves” than actual living red wolves. The red wolf used to [...]

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Eco groups protest over wolf death sentence

An official shoot-to-kill order on a wolf which has slaughtered 44 sheep in the canton of Valais is “illegal” say wildlife groups, as the sheep were not sufficiently protected. Switzerland orders death of sheep-killing wolf (14 Aug 15) Sheep-eating lynx spared the bullet (25 Jul 13) WWF and Pro Natura are objecting to the kill order, imposed on September 1st, against the wolf known to be living in the Turtmann valley, reported newspaper the Tribune de Genève. According to the organizations, the sheep-grazing pastures where the wolf has been seen had no protection measures in force to guard the flocks. “Even the simplest [...]

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Import wolves to Michigan’s Isle Royale ‘as soon as possible,’ says biologist

Import wolves to Michigan's Isle Royale 'as soon as possible,' says biologist HOUGHTON, MI — As the National Park Service mulls what, if anything, should be done to save the meager wolf population on Isle Royale, a leading environmental science researcher says the best way to tame the exploding moose population and protect island vegetation is to begin importing wolves. Only three wolves remain on the Lake Superior island park and experts say those animals are inbred and weak. Without intervention, the island's native population wolf may go extinct. The moose population, on the other hand, is estimated to be about [...]

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Gray wolf spotted lurking in the Black Hills Click ThisLink For Video of Gray wolf spotted lurking in the Black Hills A gray wolf has appeared where he isn't supposed to be: the Black Hills. The proof of his presence looks like a clip from a nature documentary, a video that shows a lean, long and powerful gray wolf trotting up a forest hillside and stopping at a distance of about 70 yards. The wolf gives an intense stare back toward the camera for only a moment before scurrying into the safety and seclusion of the aspen- and pine-filled forest. The scene wasn't filmed in Wyoming, [...]

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