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Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission mulls delisting Oregon’s small wolf population

How is it that Humans think they can manage mother nature better than she has for centuries before humans showed up in America???? Action shows fragile nature of state level wolf recovery? Friday in Bend, OR the state’s wildlife and fish commissioners launched a process to delist wolves from Oregon’s State Endangered Species Act. Oregon only has about 80-90 wolves (77 at the end of 2014), but the state rule for delisting wolves mandates the consideration of delisting when the goal of four breeding pairs for three consecutive years in eastern Oregon is reached. The goal was reached this year. This goal is [...]

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Idaho wolf numbers questioned

It Appears to me that Idaho is FULL OF SHIT!! BOISE, Idaho — Idaho officials are overestimating the number of wolves in the state for a number reasons including relying on sightings by hunters rather than using only trained professionals, a conservation group said. “Since 2009 more than 1,300 wolves have been hunted or trapped in Idaho, and another nearly 500 have been lethally removed from Idaho’s landscape,” Andrea Santarsiere, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement. “In the face of these astounding numbers, it’s no wonder that Idaho may have experienced a nearly 50 [...]

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Georgia park welcomes first red wolves born in 2015

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -A South Georgia state park welcomed the first red wolf pups born in the United States for 2015, and officials there are hopeful that it could help restore the critically endangered species.Two adorable pups, named Boone and Belle were born on March 29th to parents Ayita and Finnick at Chehaw Park.They join two other pups named Flint and Faith to parents Waya and Patriot on April 4th.“I would assume that the pups will be out and about within the next two weeks. As they get older and braver, the pups will begin to adventure around the exhibit [...]

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Bill, ODFW could remove wolves from endangered species list

An effort to remove gray wolves from the state endangered species list is moving forward on multiple fronts. State biologists said Tuesday that wolf numbers are high enough to justify removing them the state list, while Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill to prohibit the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife commission from listing wolves as threatened or endangered. With four breeding pairs in eastern Oregon for three consecutive years and 77 known wolves statewide, ODFW biologists said there is little probability of wolves declining or going extinct. via Bill, ODFW could remove wolves from endangered species list.

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