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The Decline and Recovery of the Wolf

It still makes me question how they consider wolves recovered in any way shape or form in comparison to populations prior to European occupation of the US. The Decline and Recovery of the Wolf By Alfred J. Smuskiewicz January 2008 The gray wolf (Canis lupus) was once the most widespread carnivorous mammal in the world. Able to live in almost any kind of climate, wolves roamed the forests, grasslands, mountains, and tundra throughout the Northern Hemisphere. North America, Europe, and Asia were all home to large numbers of wild, free-ranging wolf packs. Wolves and humans have always had a close [...]

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77 known Oregon gray wolves made it through 2014

It Amazes me that they would consider such low numbers recovered, when in fact before cattlemen intervention dating back to the early 1800's, they estimated wolf population in the Millions in The US alone.... Wolves in Oregon continued to recover last year, bringing the number of known wolves in the state to 77. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on Tuesday released numbers from its annual wolf count , conducted at the end of each year. At last count, in early 2014, there were 64 wolves in Oregon. The number has been climbing yearly since the apex predators crossed into [...]

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Michigan DNR appeals wolves’ endangered classification

Why is it That The Michigan DNR feels the need to continue on about wolves, even after I thought their voters said piss off.... Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources is wading back into the debate over wolves in the state by filing an appeal of a federal agency’s recent reclassification of the animals as an endangered species. After years of back and forth over the status of wolves, a federal judge in December put wolves in the Great Lakes region on the protected list again. The move is considered questionable by many Michigan residents who argue the state’s wolf population [...]

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Michigan Tribes Stand Up for Wolves : A Humane Nation

The United Tribes of Michigan (comprising 12 recognized Indian tribes in the northern part of the state) recently adopted a resolution opposing removal of federal protections for wolves and calling on people to recognize the historical and ecological significance of wolves. It’s a message closely aligned with that of The HSUS, and we are glad to stand with these tribes and so many others who live with wolves and don’t want to see them slaughtered for no good reason. In November, Michigan voters trounced two wolf hunting and trapping ballot measures, and explicitly decided not to cede control of hunting and trapping decisions to [...]

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