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Letter: Slaughter of wolves – enough is enough

Ftrom What I see in this Article... The officials in Wisconsin could give 2 Sh*** about Our Spiritual Animals. They have killed almost as many there as Idaho! Would state management endanger wolves? Three days following the relisting of Great Lakes wolves, one of Wisconsin's wolf recovery biologists, Richard Thiel answered "The jury is out." The following examples of mismanagement by Wisconsin may have something to do with that: Seventeen wolf packs are gone. Over 500 killed in trophy hunts. Over 170 killed at the behest of livestock. Between 180-360 poached wolves (see Stenglein UW-Madison). Decrease in pack size to [...]

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Ranchers Killing Gray Wolves at Epic Proportions in Yellowstone National Park and Central Idaho

  Ranchers have already asked Idaho... to kill elk also Idaho Ranchers do not have a clue of what it is they want! They have made that Perfectly clear asking Dept of Game to Kill Elk because they eat to much, tear down their fences.... and theres to many. Ranchers in Idaho need to go to school and learn something, besides walking around with their hand out.... looking for free state aid ..... Ever since the 1995 reintroduction of the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho, ranchers in the region have loudly complained that their [...]

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End red wolf program, N.C. wildlife commission says |

North Carolina's Officials need to have their heads examined! What could they Possibly be thinking????? North Carolina’s wildlife commission wants the federal government to end its 27-year-old experiment to return endangered red wolves to the wild. The Wildlife Resources Commission, in resolutions adopted Thursday, also asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to capture and remove wolves that were released on private property. The resolutions came as the Fish and Wildlife Service reevaluates the program, under which 90 to 110 wolves roam five coastal counties of northeastern North Carolina. The service has said it could modify or end the program. [...]

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