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Wolves in California

Clear historical records from 1750 to 1850 indicate that wolves were once present in the Coastal Range from San Diego to Sacramento when Europeans first began exploring and settling these areas (Schmidt 1987, 1991). From 1850-1900, wolves were seen in Shasta County and in the central Sierra Nevada (Schmidt 1987, 1991). These historical reports of wolves appear in divergent areas of the state; reports surfaced in different areas over time as Europeans shifted from coasts toward inland forests, mountains and plains.   The wolf was known among many California tribes statewide, as demonstrated in language, artwork, ceremonial garb, and creation [...]

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Toddler reaches into purse and gun goes off, killing mom

If this is an example of Idaho Mentality..... they don't need to carry weapons! HAYDEN, Idaho — A mom shopping at a Walmart store died Tuesday after her toddler, who was left in a shopping cart, reached into her purse andaccidentally discharged her handgun , authorities said. Veronica J. Rutledge, 29, of Blackfoot, Idaho, had gone to the store in this Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, suburb with four children in tow at mid-morning. Her 2-year-old son, who was sitting in the shopping cart, reached into his mother's purse, causing the small-caliber handgun to discharge one time, said Lt. Stu Miller, Kootenai County [...]

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The Scribbler: Wolf sanctuary near Gap was no safe haven – LancasterOnline: The Scribbler

Did you know that lobo wolves once loped through a wolf park in Salisbury Township? They did, but not for long: the Depression seems to have doomed the enterprise. You can read all about Dr. McCleery's Lobo Wolf Park at the Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive ( This information has been assembled by Kirsten Canfield, a librarian in Denver, Colorado.   Dr. E.H. McCleery established a successful wolf farm near Kane, in northwestern Pennsylvania, 10 years before opening a second operation along the Lincoln Highway, two miles east of Gap, in the spring of 1930. The Scribbler: Wolf sanctuary [...]

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Testing numerical competence in animals | Science Codex

Dogs performed worse than wolves Range and her colleagues compared the results of the wolf test with those from the dog test. The comparison showed that dogs were unable to discriminate between difficult comparisons such as two pieces of food versus three or three pieces versus four. The wolves, in comparison, fared much better. "Dogs are better able to discriminate the quantities of food when they can see them in their entirety," says Range. "But this requires no mental representation." via Testing numerical competence in animals | Science Codex.

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